Sunday, May 8, 2011

many thanks to all who came to the sale!

 Whew!  What a great sale we had!  
We got to see so many familiar faces and one of the best things is we got to meet so many new friends that I have blogged with.  
We LOVE when we get to meet you lovely bloggers!  
It is so fun to actually meet people and put faces to the names!  
Thank you for taking the time to hunt me down!
Thank you to all who came and visited us!  We hope you enjoyed your visit!
We had a great time (even though hubby had to pull a few of you out with the tractor, thanks to ole Mother Nature! )
But for the most part she kept her rain away and we were thankful!
Thank you especially to my wonderful family and friends who came and helped.  
We couldn't do these sales without you and we love you!
Special thanks to Dave and Karen who came all the way from Connecticut to help us. 
We had a blast with all you guys!
I'll share some more pictures this week...


  1. I had a wonderful time and went home with some lovely things. See you in the fall! La

  2. I was sooooo thrilled to be in YOUR AREA and Shop-Your-SaLe!*!*! EVERYTHING was done "1st Class"!!! Great Organization ~ especially with the Holding/Check-Out Area!!! I bought up a storm!!! Soooo nice to meet you Linda!!! You'll be "blogged" ~ tomorrow...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!
    Cedarburg, Wisconsin

  3. Hot diggity! I'm so happy to have found this blog - just wish i had discovered it sooner! I'm your newest follower for sure. Pop on over for a visit sometime if you'd like.

  4. Thanks for having another great sale... i never leave empty handed :)i went home and added my new finds to my house.

  5. Jeanine is coming here for my upcoming event - and may I say to you WOW with the displays I see here on your blog!!!

    great job! and keep up the great work!!
    xo+farm blessings,
    Anne Marie

  6. I am so happy I found you from
    This is so perfect. I am a new fan (I don't like thinking of myself as a follower, but my daughter and I are planning to do something semi-similar with one of our old barns).

  7. What a fun blog! Love all the displays at your show--everything looks fabulous! I'm a new follower--