Wednesday, April 13, 2011

button, button who's got the button...

When I was a little girl, we used to go to my Grandmas house every Sunday. 
My dads parent's house.  I always looked forward to it for a few reasons.  
Grandma always gave my sister and I a dime.  Every Sunday.  
We would ride the wagon down the hill from the barn.  
We would dig in the garden and ALWAYS find an arrow head.  
We would go in the chicken house and collect eggs. 
But the thing I always looked forward to most, was Uncle Carls visit.  
He was my favorite uncle.
I LOVED him!  I actually wanted to move in with him I loved him so much.  
He always played a game - "button, button, who's got the button!"  Did anyone else ever play that game as a little girl?
So... long story... but now every time I see buttons, I think of my Uncle Carl who turns 93 this year!
He still goes to work everyday!  Amazing!
I especially love button cards.  I love the thought process that went into organizing them.  Some are really beautiful!


  1. Aren't these little works of art!

  2. 93 and still working!?!?! Love that!! Uncle Carl sounds like a gem!!

  3. I haven't seen a button card in a long time! What great memories. My grandma Meme always had a sewing machine drawer full of buttons... I loved going through them over and over and over again! Okay... I still love going through the buttons I have stored in jars!

    I'm really looking forward to coming to your sale!!!

    Hugs, Sherry