Thursday, September 9, 2010

bottles, bottles, bottles...

I have been obsessed with bottles. Most obsessed with blue ball jars. While doing the longest yard sale, I just kept buying and buying them until my husband told me I had to stop.
Hopefully others will find the beauty in them and buy them up at our Fall Barn Sale!
I have WAY too many!

I bought all kinds of bottles. Wine bottles, beer bottles, whiskey bottles, medicine bottles, syrup bottles!
I began wondering if the South had an obsession with drinking the reason why I found them so plentiful, or if I was just obsessed with them!
I have been doing all types of things with them. Here are some pictures to show you the many things you can do with bottles.
I love taking something so ordinary, and making it beautiful and useful again!

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  1. I was excited about the fall sale before, but now I am even more excited! love the bottles!