Monday, May 3, 2010

This Weeks Sale

The sale is just a few days away. Becky and I worked all weekend setting up for it.
Above are some wonderful vintage garden gnomes playing around the herbs.

We have tons of beautiful flowers, hanging baskets, herbs, perennials, and tomatoes.

To the right is a wonderful industrial table that my husband worked on for weeks!
I wish I had a place for it , I would love to keep it. He does such wonderful work. He has done two so far that we will be selling this weekend. It would make a wonderful island or kitchen table. Wish I would have taken before pictures. I will have to remember to do that next time!!
Have a wonderful week. Hope to see you this weekend!


  1. As usual, one of the best barn sales ever! You and Becky outdid yourselves this time. But I think you have to come up with another name for the sale. The term "Barn Sale" simply cannot do your gorgeous vignettes and displays justice! Can't wait til fall. :-)


  2. My family and I, out and about on Saturday, followed the signs to your Barn Sale. Absolutely beautiful - very glad we stopped. Came away with some lovely flowers and a gorgeous vintage Corona typewriter. Bless you all!